29 Mar 2012


Fashion is a big part of why I wanted to lose weight and I'm finding that a lot of brands are making sportswear more accessible to those that are fashion conscious like the heeled trainers (sneaker in the USA) we've seen every where by Isabel Marant. I love that you don't need to wear sportswear just for working out but for everyday looks. 

When I choose an outfit I like to start with the colour of the shoes then add items that complement it. I am a trainer junkie and over the years I've realised that certain brands are perfect for my flat feet so I have stuck to them -- Nike + New Balance have always worked for me because they are so comfortable.

I love pastel, muted colours and will always have an item that is grey in the mix. So here are some outfits that I think would look great on most. (Err the shorts are for those the complete opposite of me -- body confident!!)
What do you guys think of the outfits?


  1. love! Especially the last one! I love to look good at the gym, I spend way too much time there not to!

  2. Good to hear I'm not the only one!