28 Mar 2012

Weird diets: The yoghurt diet

This week I want to share some of the weirdest diets I've ever heard of and the yoghurt diet is one of them. Created by Jeannie Mai, celebs from Victoria Secret models to Courtney Cox have used this diet as quick way to lose weight. The basis of the diet is to eat everyday natural or fruit flavoured yoghurt, which are easy to digest.

Basically it involves eating the recommended Yoplait Light yoghurt for no more than 15 days and a loss of 2-3 kg is expected. I can't even begin to stress how unhealthy this method is but of course there is "scientific" backing. 

Nutritionist Michael Zemel states: 
“Fat produces the cortisol hormone that influences negatively anxiety hunger. When you eat yoghurt, the calcium in it sends a message to the cells to eliminate cortisol. Further more, amino acids help burn fat, so you loose weight easily”.

But the thing that people don't pay attention to is that a yoghurt based diet increases the level of calcium and phosphorus and is therefore risky for those with high cholesterol, kidney stones and liver problems, but I guess if you can fit into that dress the health risks are worth it right? NO!!

A typical meal plan is:
 All these crazy diets work because you end up eating less calories, there is no magic lamp, so every year an even crazier one comes out with the same concept as the last -- EAT LESS!!

In fact I'm going to create my own diet. It will be called the acid diet. Every time you feel hungry add a drop of pure acid to your tongue. After 2 weeks you'll have no tongue left and you wont be able to eat a drop of food so you'll be fed by a tube; then this diet will transform to a liquid diet and you will have the body you've always wanted. Please note that there is no scientific proof to this diet but some celeb has tried it so it must be OK, right?


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  1. I completely agree. What most people don't know is when they do these types of diets and lose the weight...as soon as they stop, the weight comes back and maybe even some more.