9 May 2012


I'm obsessed with these songs at the moment...some aren't up tempo but I like to use the slower ones for a cool down.

1. John - Lil Wayne + Rick Ross -- if I were a boxer this would be my entrance song, bad ass!!!
2. I look to you - Whitney Houston ft. Kim Burrell -- uplifting song that just takes me to a positive place.
3. Twilight - Cover Drive -- just a light hearted song with a great beat for cardio
4. The Weeknd - the entire album collection -- different songs for different moods and workouts!
5. Turn up the music - Chris Brown -- still loving this for cardio and just dancing around my house
6. Where have you been - Rihanna -- my fave track on the album and its a great dancing number
7. Stay Schemin' - Rick Ross + co -- just cool and I love listening to this on a bike
8. Bombs - Dawn Richard - love it!!!

Will add to it as the month passes. x

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