14 Sep 2012

Inspiration: Somaya Reece

I remember watching an episode of Love and Hip Hop where some girl called Somaya a "beast"..an obvious diss to her size. I never thought she was overweight just a tall girl with curves and then I saw this:

It's amazing how putting 2 photos side by side can give you perspective. Not only does she look great but she looks younger. She looks happier 20 LBS LIGHTER.

How did she do it?
She started eating clean but never saw it as a "diet" but a lifestyle change. She ate what she loved but alternatives. Like instead of beef burgers from xyz, she'd make them herself from turkey meat.

I love how in this video she explains that being thin doesn't mean that you are healthy. Even the most overweight person can still have the stamina as long as they are fit:

What she eats on a typical day?
9:30am Coffee and protein shake (water, ½ cup of milk, ½ banana, ½ tbsp of almond butter, ½ cup of uncooked oatmeal)
12:30pm Chicken breast (boneless/skinless, the size of a small fist and baked) spinach, toasted piece of wheat bread
3:30pm Salad (red leaf lettuce, bell pepper, avocado, oil, vinegar & seasoning salt)
6:30pm protein shake (water ½ skim milk)
8-9:00pm Glazed Whitefish, veggies, salad

On her blog: missreece.com she shares tips, recipes and workouts:

I follow her on Instagram and she's always doing things like 30 day fitness challenges to motivate others and herself. Next month will try it out. 

 Inspiring stuff!!


  1. this is awesome! I am totally going to follow her!! :)

  2. Normally celebs don't share so was surprised to find that she did...really good of her!