19 Mar 2012

Starting over...

**So mad right now, my posts are gone! Trying to see if I can get them back but right now it's not looking good. It's like some took my diary and ripped it and burned it all.

I guess like my weight loss journey mistakes will be made but I shouldn't let it affect what I want for myself; so I'm starting my blog from scratch.

This time around I will blog differently and try to include:
  • Food reviews
  • Fitness gear reviews
  • Photos
  • Recipes
  • Videos
I have 1 week left of my Insanity 60 day program and I will continue to blog about that.

What am I doing now? 
Well I'm designing my own clean eating diet plan using recipe ideas from websites like Clean Eat Diet. I've decided to design it myself because I need to organise my eating habits and get into the routine of what to buy + eat and where to buy it. I've been researching clean eating for sometime now and my decision to follow it is based on the fact that it's not a restrictive way of eating but about eating wholesome foods like lean proteins and complex carbs to keep my blood sugar levels stable because I have PCOS.

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