21 Mar 2012

Review: Nut butters

I am nuts for nut butters but finding one with no added oil and sugar in London is very hard. So you can imagine my joy finding a peanut butter + almond butter that only contain nuts and salt. So with a teaspoon and banana ready I tried them both and boy....let me just clean up my drool.

All Natural Peanut butter + Co's - Old fashioned crunchy peanut butter

  • All natural with only two ingredients: 99.5% peanut butter + salt
  • Love the flavour of the roasted nuts and the crunchy texture is perfect!
  • Spreads well.
  • No hydrogenated oil, no cholesterol, no trans fats + no high fructose corn syrup
  • gluten free + vegan
  • Per 100g there are 594 cal, 25g protein, 19g carbs, 6g fibre, and50g Fat.

  •  Quite pricey (about £2.29 / $3.63) for a 340g (12oz) jar.

Meridian Natural - Almond butter Whole nut spread

  • Two ingredients: 99.5% roasted almonds + 0.5% salt
  • Free from wheat, gluten and dairy
  • Produced in the UK
  • Smells heavenly and it has a rich + creamy texture with grainy bits.
  • Much healthier than any peanut butter I've ever eaten: 100g contains 627 cal, 25.5g protein, 7.4g fibre, 6.5g carbs and 55.g fat.

  • Pricey at £2.33/ $3.69 for a 170g (6oz) jar - but it's worth it!

 They both have great textures (but the almond butter's aroma and taste is better) and if you're like me and like to eat straight from the jar then you will love them both. There are endless ways for me to use them -- in oatmeal, with fruit, in curries etc. the list goes on. I will buy them both again and I will be checking myself into nut butter rehab.

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