31 Mar 2012

What I ate yesterday

Breakfast: high fibre oat + berry: Total calories 370 calories
Yummiest BREAKFAST oatmeal EVER!!! Sorry guys for the lack of photo skills but I realised half way through eating that I hadn't taken a picture.
The oatbran gave it a nice crunchy and nutty flavour. Oatbran in high in protein and fibre and has been cited as key food in reducing cholesterol and helping digestion.  

But what is oatbran? It's the outer husk of oat grains that is usually disposed of during the milling process but some genius decided to use it because it actually contains more dietary fibre than any other part of the grain.

Lunch: leftover chicken curry with basmati rice: Total calories 456 calories
1 skinless chicken thigh cooked in greek yoghurt curry + served with steamed baby spinach and basmati rice.

Dinner: pack of 3 min noodles

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