16 Apr 2012

Day 1: Turbo Fire - Fire 30 + Stretch 10

Let me start by saying that do not take Chalene Johnson's over enthusiastic exterior fool you, this workout is intense. Though not as intense as the Insanity 60 day program but it's still a good workout program that will make you sweat.

My only problem with Turbofire so far is that it all goes a bit to quickly for me -- I get used to one move then she's off to another one and I did have to pause the DVD a lot just so I could see what they did, so my heart rate goes down (but I heard after week 1 you get more familiar with her techniques). If after a week I still have the same problem I will replace it with another fun workout program.

So today was day 1 of my Insanity/P90x/Turbo Fire hybrid (mix) program and the start of my clean eating lifestyle and here is what I did:

Fire 30 workout: 
  • 5 minute warm up
  • 6 minute workout (cardio/kickboxing drills) + 1 minute fire drill of HIIT (High intensity interval training)
  • 1 min break
  • 6 min workout (cardio drills)
  • 6 min stretches
  • 6 min workout + 1 fire drill of HIIT
  • FINALE - 5 min workout
  • 4 min cool down
 Then I did the Stretch 10 workout:
  •  shoulder stretch
  • neck stretch
  • hip stretch
  • abductor stretch
  • butterfly
  • rotator cuff dynamic
...and that's it! 40 minutes of Turbo fire. Would I recommend it?  Well, yes but I don't think people that are super fit will benefit (fitness wise) from a workout like this unless it just for fun.

Breakfast -- egg white omelette with asparagus and greek yoghurt:

*2 egg whites + 1 whole egg with 8 asparagus sticks + 1 slice of reduced fat cheddar (140 calories)
*Fage 0% fat greek yoghurt (5 ounces) with 1 teaspoon spirulina + 2 stick sachets of 0 calorie stevia (154 calories)

This was so yummy and creamy!
 Lunch -- Turkey burger + side salad
 Dinner -- Tuna + sun dried tomato salad. 

It's been a long day and I am so exhausted!!!! My workout tomorrow is Insanity's intense/crazy 25 min Asylum workout -- I'm keeping it short but it wont be sweet because I have a ton of revision to do but I know with this workout I will be burning calories to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight x

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