16 May 2012

Day 30: Run, Read + Juice

Today was my first outside run in months...and boy! I'm not as fit as I thought I was, but I loved it! I did the interval running method of running then walking so I ended up running for 15 mins and walking for 15 mins. Next time I'll try and increase running tim...emphasis on try. 

So anyway after that I got home and made some juice and an low fat cheese omelette with wholewheat toast. I am in love with our new Philips juicer - it's AMAZING!!!

Ingredients for this deep red concoction are : 1 beetroot, 3 medium/large carrots, 2 apples, ginger and 1 red pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. This would taste amazing with vodka...but I'm on a diet so imaginary vodka will have to do.

Breakfast -- 382 calories

Lunch --  White Rice (!!) with chicken in a tomato stew with plantains (521 calories)
*Went overboard with the fried plantain portions - but it's my mum's food....sooo irresistible!! Next time I can only have boiled or roasted plantain!

Dinner -- Tilapia with quinoa and a veg salad 
I'm keeping it light and cheerful as I have about 580 calories left for the day so need to use it wisely!

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