30 May 2012

I'm finally free from exams and revision and all I want to do is sleep!!

I'll start my workouts again tomorrow and from Monday I'm hiring my best friend as my personal trainer and he has designed a workout schedule for me to do for the next 2 months -- he's an amazing personal trainer and really just knows how to make exercising fun for his clients and he knows that get bored easily so we'll do  things like basketball, football, sprints etc..to keep it interesting. I know it's going to be tough but I want to get to 78-75kg (174-165lbs) by August and right now I am about 185 lbs.

I'm also looking to buy a bike but I didn't realise how expensive they are!! So might look through eBay or second hand bike stores but it would be nice to buy something new! I'm determined to find one because the weather is great at the moment so I need to enjoy it.

How cute is this bike by Pashley -- £500 ($780) - might as well buy a car!
source: vogue, hanneli.com

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