28 May 2012

Exam week... :(

My first set of exams are over!!!! They went well and I'm just relieved I have 2 exams left. So instead of taking the bus or train I decided to walk home because I haven't exercised for over a week.

London aka the rainy city has been blessed with beautiful hot weather but I haven't enjoyed any of it because I'm revising but hopefully it stay like this after Tuesday. So my for my walk I used two apps (iphone) today. One I use as a pedometer and estimate calorie burner (left) and the other I use to measure distance walk/jogged - so today I burnt about 244.7 cals walking 3.35 miles - I'm happy about that.

Breakfast -- Oats + semi skim (lactofree) milk
Lunch -- 1 aubergine (roasted), bulgar, tilapia, spicy crayfish sauce
Dinner -- pasta with mixed veg, tomato sauce + chicken
Snacks --2 slices of bread with almond butter


Anyway have to hit the books but I hope those of you in the USA are having a great memorial day xx

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