1 Jul 2012

What I ate + did this week....

It's been a while! I felt so guilty blogging because after my exams I just went in another direction with my diet and exercise. So for the past week I've been getting back into the swing of things.

So my workouts this week have consisted of...

Monday: I played some tennis
Tuesday: Walked everywhere I went
Wednesday: Nike Training Club - Get Lean, Intermediate, Wipeout
Thursday: Netball + Nike Training Club - Get Lean, Intermediate, Wipeout
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Long walks
Sunday: Nothing

What I ate this week..

..perfecting the art of making banana bread. This time round I made it with wholemeal flour instead of oats, yoghurt instead of butter and 1 egg instead of 3.

**Preheat oven at 350°F (175°C)**
1. Sieve the dry ingredients including seasoning: (important if you want your cake light and airy).
2. Mix the mashed bananas with 1 whole medium egg. 
3. In a large bowl add the yoghurt to the dry ingredients and rub the mixture with your fingers to form bread crumbs.
4. Add the egg and banana mixture then mix well to form a thick mixture.
5. Line cake thin with baking paper and pour batter in.
6. Put in the oven for an hour..once cooked let it cool then enjoy!

Left: Basmati rice with homemade arugula pesto, steamed greens and steamed tilapia.  
Right: Tuna + pesto sandwich, a beautiful pair of aubergine's (eggplant) I bought in the farmer's market.

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