6 Feb 2013

Just like me..

Weight loss inspiration from regular girls and women - I'm going to do this weekly.

Instagram: @shortcakebrown

Like most of us she never really saw her size as a bad thing, but once she was told by her doctor that she was overweight and needed to shift some weight she did just that.

How did she do it? Juice Plus (meal replacement), eating healthier and exercise.

How long? 5 months - Left pic was taken in September and the right one in December (round of applause)

What is Juice Plus? Diet supplement + shakes with concentrated fruit + veg juice extracts with added vitamins and nutrients.

I've never been a fan of shakes due to what they contain - why not just make it at home? Well the appeal is the convenience and not understanding that if you eat less you will lose weight..simple! There is no magic trick.

But I applaud her success. A weight loss journey is about finding what works FOR YOU and sticking to it and she did and it worked.

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