30 Apr 2012

2.5kg (5.5 lbs) down in 2 weeks + I'm half way to my target for the month ...whoooop!!!!!

I think this method of weight loss is working for me because I'm not doing too much exercise and eating too little food like I was at the start. If I feel like only doing 30 mins of dancing thats what I'll do or just want to go for a walk I will! I'm eating more but mainly healthy calories with portion control.

**I read somewhere about calorie cycling and it's importance for your body's equilibrium. Calorie cycling is basically eating a different amount of calories everyday because sometimes eating a set amount of calories each day, our bodies get used to it and eventually we reach a weight loss plateau. This plateau is basically your metabolism slowing down and therefore you are burning less calories at rest. So this zig zagging of calories keeps the body guessing (the same can be said for exercise -- switching up your workouts every 10 days).

So for example my daily caloric allowance is 1651, so I could do this:

Monday - 1651
Tuesday - 1850
Wednesday - 1300
Thursday - 1600
Friday -- 1400
Saturday 1000
Sunday 1850 etc....

The body adapts incredibly well in situations of "stress" so we have to keep it guessing!! It puts less pressure on you and on your body to be perfect all the time. Try it for a week and see if it works.

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