19 Apr 2012

Review: Nutracheck

I've been looking for an app on my iphone that tells you the serving size and calories of a specific brand of food. There are a ton of them out there but non of them cater to the UK until I stumbled on this gem called Nutracheck

Nutracheck features include:
  • A food diary with an extensive UK food database including restaurants + takeways
  • Exercise diary with calorie burn figures for over 300 exercises
  • Bar code scanning for quick calorie counting - instantly search over
    100,000 UK foods* (see image)
  • Members' forum access
  • Weekly weigh -in facility with graphs
  • Week view to monitor progress
  • Option to track weight and waist measurements.
 I especially love the forums where there are countless people sharing their wins and defeats, tips and encouragement etc.-- it's like a weight loss family. 

The app has given me a calorie allowance of 1653 per day so that I reach my target of 2lb loss per week.

The app is free and I would definitely recommend it to anyone even those in the US who would have access to the forums and food + workout diary. It has been immensely helpful especially in moment when I want to eat something but am unsure about the calorie content and serving size. 


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