23 Apr 2012


I had a great rest day yesterday but now the weekday is back and so are the workouts. P90X's shoulders and arms workout is 1 hour and 20 mins long but you hardly notice the length because it's a fun and simple workout...I didn't sweat much during this but my arms felt the burrrrn!
  • Warm-up: high knees, jogging, wide knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, running lunges
  • Stretch
Set 1:
  • Alternating shoulder press
  • In + out bicep curls
  • Two arm tricep kickbacks - killer!
  • Ballistic stretch
16-25 reps per arm (or as much as you can)
    Set 2:
    • Deep swimmer's press
    • Full supination concentration curls 
    • Chair dips 
    • Ballistic stretch
    Set 3:
    • Upright rows
    • Static arm curls
    • Flip grip twist kickback
    • Ballistic stretch
    Set 4:
    • Seated shoulder flies
    • Crouching cohen curls - killer!
    • Lying down tricep extensions - killer!
    • Ballistic stretch
    Set 5: 
    • Straight arm shoulder flys
    • Congdon curls
    • Side tri-rise

    Breakfast -- Omelette + wholewheat toast with raspberry jam
    Lunch -- 25g rolled oats + 25g oatbran with lactofree semi-skim milk
    Dinner -- Quinoa + skinless chicken breast with chickpeas + mushrooms in spicy tomato sauce

    • Remove the skin and large chunks of fat from a whole chicken (to reduce fat content) then season with jerk spices and roast. 
    • Boil quinoa and drain. 
    • Cook chickpeas and mushrooms in a teaspoon of olive oil. Once the mushrooms are soft add a teaspoon of tomato puree and a splash of water. Season with salt and pepper. EAT!!!
    Note === Total calories are 316 for 100g chicken breast, 100g mushrooms, 60g chickpeas, 28g quinoa

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