3 May 2012

Day 17: The bop daily workout

I'm in exam mode at the moment so finding the motivation to workout is hard mainly because time is not on my side at the moment; so I've been browsing the tumblr fitness community for quick/time-saving workouts so I have no excuses for not working out.

On backonpointe.tumblr.com there is array of workouts from squat challenges to TV show themed workouts. So I thought I would try the daily workout (different workouts for everyday) and today's workout consisted of:

This took me about 30 minutes because I did 2 sets of each + took 30 second breaks (x3).

Breakfast -- 2 egg omelette + 2 slices of 50 cal wholewheat bread
Lunch -- 1 banana, orange + apple with 2 tablespoons of 100% peanut butter.
Dinner - Grilled jerk turkey breast with roast veg (red onion, broccoli, baby new potatoes) and sun dried tomatoes. 
Total calories today ---  1388
Goodnight x


  1. I am going to try this workout plan today, wish me luck! (lol)

  2. Good luck!!! It's suprisingly a hard workout for such a short session but I loved it.